About Us

We are SEAVERSE - a community organization developed on the blockchain platform. We gather members who are experienced and have many contributions to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain market, with the hope of creating great values for everyone.

  • Vision: Creating prestigious and quality projects based on the strength of the community and the power in the sharing economy through blockchain.
  • Mission: Creating a lot of value for the community through specific activities with quality and prestigious products.
  • Goal: Creating the real sharing economy where participants can earn a lot of value and profit. Creating good-quality products on the platforms of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Game and MetaVerse gaming world.

About Project
DragonSea is a strategic project that we are implementing. The idea of the project is from a virtual reality world associated with real life that always has a lot of potential for development. This project is the perfect combination of: Blockchain + Cryptocurrency + Game.

How to join?
We created a community contribution fund for the project. We always welcome contributions and ideas to build our project. It is a good thing for the sustainable development of the project. Besides, it also ensures that the project grows according to the decentralized community.

You can join the project build community with a variety of contributions:

  • Contribute ideas for project development
  • Participate in the feature development process
  • Build community
  • Do marketing for the project
  • Manage communication channels

Steps for joining:

  • Step 1: Introduce yourself and your experiences
  • Step 2: Submit your contributions
  • Step 3: Vote on your contributions through community
  • Step 4: Receive contribution benefits
  • Step 5: Review and comment on your contributions