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Introduction DRAGONKING

Inspired by Role-Playing Games and the virtual world Metaverse with Blockchain technology, we build DragonSea as a Mystic Dragon world, where there are all the elements so that players can freely immerse themselves in a real virtual universe. Here players will play the role of real Dragon Riders. Players will build not only their own dragon kingdom but also lands with different constructions and items obtained in the game, and especially players will own real Dragon warriors. Besides, this is also the place where players will train Dragon warriors from the beginning until becoming a dragon warrior with unbeatable strength.

Players will be immersed in a virtual universe when participating in the game. At the same time, players can bring their Dragon characters to participate in battles to protect their land or conquer other lands. And what is really attractive is that players will receive valuable rewards when participating in these game modes.

All characters, items and assets in the game are digitized in the form of NFTs; therefore, players will own real digital assets with the support of Blockchain technology. Players can easily own, buy, sell and exchange through our platform.

Our Story

In the land of Alagaesia - The Kingdom of Dragons is being threatened and ruled by the evil tyrant Galbat, who is originally a dragon rider and he has betrayed the dragons.

In the game, we will become the Dragon Riders Eragon. Eragon and the Dragons will fight together to protect The Kingdom of Dragons from Galbat's attack.

During the invasion of Alagaesia - The Kingdom of Dragons, Galbat will send his army of Apet (beasts) to conquer lands in Alagaesia.

How To Play
To increase strength and combat skills, Eragon will let Dragons participate in the training sessions or battles taking place in various forms
Training Skill
Eragon will train Dragons through tasks to increase the experience points (EXP) for Dragons and win rewards.
PvE Single
Eragon will let the Dragons fight against Apet's attacks to protect The Kingdom of Dragons and win rewards, in addition to getting more experience points (EXP) for the Dragons.
PvE Level
Dragons will have different levels to fight. There will be 4 to 8 tasks for each round. Each Level will get different Noble Badges and rewards, in addition to getting more experience points (EXP) for Dragons.
PvP Single
Dragons will participate in the training battles with other Dragon Riders to win rewards and experience points (EXP) for Dragons (In order to participate, players need to bet an amount of Token first, the winner will get this Token).
PvP Team
Setting up a Dragon army to participate in the training battles with other Dragon Riders to get Token rewards and experience points (EXP) for Dragons (To participate, players need to create a Team).
Global Tournaments
Tournaments will be held periodically on a weekly and monthly basis, where players will be able to join other players around the globe to exchange and receive great rewards.