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Our Story Whitepaper Pre Sale

DragonSea Ecosystem provides comprehensive solutions and services for projects from consulting ideas, Blockchain innovation to building a global community, thereby enabling people to focus on creating and developing their own original products. The ecosystem has the following eight components.

Dragon Gamehub

Where players can play a variety of games through the Game Hub portal and use DGE and DGG coins as a standard for trading in games released by Dragonsea.

Dragon Pay

A Blockchain wallet that integrates the NFT smart contract in the game to make it easy for players to trade NFT and represents Dragonsea's NFT coin as DGE.

Dragon Launchpad

A platform focuses on researching and releasing evaluation of potential projects and investors.

Dragon NFT

A market place that sells in-game items so that players can buy or sell and can bid on in-game items.

Dragon Connect

API layer helps to communicate game applications and Blockchain.

Dragon Shopping

An e-commerce site that deals with commercial products in the game.

Dragon Farm

Support DeFi Platform in Dragon Hub game platforms

Dragon Live

An online Livestream platform for gamers and the community.


The DGE token is the financial token of the DragonSea platform.

Contract Address: Coming soon

  • Name: DragonSea
  • Symbol: DGE
  • Decimals: 18
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 1.000,000,000
Our Roadmap
Q3 2021

Pre-Sale, Token Launch, Listing on CMC and CG

Q1 2022

Open Dragon Gamehub, Dragon Pay

Q2 2022

Dragon NFT Launch, Dragon Connect and Dragon Launchpad

Q3 2022

Open Dragon Shopping, Dragon Live and Dragon Farm